Are you making time to “Re-energise”?

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I was talking to a client the other day who said, “I had a wonderful relaxing holiday with my family…but I could do with it all over again.  Life is stressful. We have lots of conflicting priorities: family, work, running a household –  and that’s just the day-to-day!  The good news is, there are some simple things you can do on a daily basis to re-energize yourself.

Be kind to your body

Just for today, have a simple, healthy, delicious meal and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Things may look very different in the morning.

Practice Positivity

if you find yourself thinking, “I’ll never move forward, what will help me,” challenge that with more hopeful thinking.  This is a busy week – I need to focus on the most important things, and see if I can get some help.” We can actually manage our thoughts to a much greater extent than we think – and it can have a hugely positive impact.

Find Energy Givers

Indulge in and appreciate the joy of being with people who support and trust you, who enrich your life and make it more joyful. And if you don’t  have such people in your life – find some.

Rest your brain

Stop thinking for a few minutes. If you know how to meditate, do that. If not, just observe your breathing. STOP feel your breath go in and out: your whole body relax, feel happy &  go back to the office refreshed and ready to go.

Give something back

When we’re stressed, we tend to get over-focused on ourselves, it’s like getting caught in a negative energy vortex.  Sometimes the best way to break out of the cycle is to focus on giving ourselves to someone else. It can be a difficult shift to make, but doing so can have a quite remarkable impact on your energy and enthusiasm.

Taking any of these steps when you’re stressed, tired or overworked can be a challenge. But it is possible…and the more you do it, the easier it gets.

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