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“StormSPACE has changed the world of business development and sales training by working with companies and playing to the strengths, personality and culture of individuals unique to a business”


This results in Business Development and Sales training feeling immediately more useful and practical, flowing through your blood rather than stuck in a workbook. Help your team develop a winning sales structure, grow in confidence and motivation, increase outbound activity, and win more new business at meetings and pitches.

Why? “Because we don’t do ‘off the shelf’ training”


Success comes in different shapes and sizes. But you wouldn’t think so to look at most training curriculums. People are herded into a classroom and expected to twist themselves into a ‘proven methodology’ with no respect for their natural style or personality.

“Our talent is finding the right way for them which creates the best results for you”


We take a different approach. We believe that there are many ways of getting your team from where they are now to where you want them to be.

These courses are for you if you want:

  • to acquire, develop and practice effective communications skills
  • to develop confidence and learn to influence others

These courses are for your team if you want them:

  • to learn to communicate in a way guaranteed to increase sales
  • to learn to manage relationships more effectively these courses are for your team
  • to operate together like an elite unit
  • to collaborate effectively

You will:

  • be coached by experienced, inspirational people
  • be trained and develop your skills, not stare at PowerPoint™presentations
  • be inspired with a learning programme that feels like yours, your language, your challenges, your clients

“Our sales training is relevant to today’s market, and will develop your team’s natural instincts to be clear, memorable and confident”


Long after the training programme is finished, the results will remain, because it’s part of your culture, your DNA. That’s why when we hand over the reigns, and release your people back into the wild, we are certain that you can go from strength to strength.


  • HIT Business Development
  • HIT Sales Management
  • HIT Linked in Selling
  • Key Account Management
  • Essential Selling
  • Consultative Selling
  • Advanced Selling
  • Effective NetworkingEach member of your sales team will learn how to maximise their natural personality style to full sales advantage.

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