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Wendy Mill

Director of Communications


“Effective communication skills are essential for building trust and credibility to achieve overall business goals”


Our growing dependence on email, texting and ‘e-meetings’ are not only eroding vital interpersonal skills but also jeopardising the invaluable benefit of face-to-face contact that builds sustainable long-term relationships resulting in trust and credibility. This erosion impacts internal and external relationships, motivation and efficiency as well as business development, sales, client relationships, and ultimately profitability.


“Effective communication creates a positive enviroment, enhancing performance and productivity”


Interpersonal skills are the lifeblood of successful business because effective human to human communication dictates business efficiency.

These courses are for you if you want

  • to acquire, develop and practice effective communications skills
  • to develop confidence and learn to influence others

These courses are for your team if you want them

  • to learn to communicate in a way guaranteed to increase sales
  • to learn to manage relationships more effectively these courses are for your team
  • to operate together like an elite unit
  • to collaborate effectively

You will

  • be coached by experienced, inspirational people
  • be trained and develop your skills, not stare at PowerPoint™presentations
  • be inspired with a learning programme that feels like yours, your language, your challenges, your clients


Effective communication involves exchanging ideas with others using such methods as words, voice tone, and body language including the vital cues we get from gestures and facial expressions. These underpin key business functions such as managing, training, selling and resolving conflicts within an organisation. If a message can be understood in different ways, it will frequently be understood in the way that causes the most harm and disruption. Unfortunately, we are not always able to avoid conflict, interpersonal communication is used to help harness the personal and social skills necessary for a positive and happy working culture.

We deliver bespoke workshops and organisational communication programmes to fit your business and your people.

“Our workshops deliver interpersonal communication skills to create a vibrant & positive culture, driving Sales, Business & Personal growth”


  • Leadership with excellence
  • The power of body language & non verbal communication
  • Value in effective customer communication
  • Productive & effective business meetings
  • Aleiviating stress through communication
  • Assertiveness, personal growth and development
  • Mentor and coach your employees for success



Client Says…


“I cannot praise StormSPACE or their methods highly enough. The bespoke sessions for the management team have not only assisted them in organising their work but also helped them to balance home and work and ensure quality time all round. This is important for all and it is evident that this element has helped the management team personally and as a result has helped them be more focused at work. The tools and training are more designed to fit with the modern world, ensuring balance, clear goals, prioritising and strong organisation.”


Director, UK 


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