Boost productivity with ‘Good Fridays’

A Good Friday really ties the week together, with perfectly accomplished objectives, and usually results in high-fives and happy hours. It allows you and your team to float into the weekend and recharge for Monday.

Set yourself up for a good Friday.

Achieving a perfect Friday isn’t necessarily difficult to achieve; it just requires some planning in the beginning of the week and a bit of discipline throughout. Here are some tips for creating a Good Friday:

1. Define what a good Friday looks like.

Jump-start a productive week and set yourself up for a Good Friday by creating a solid plan the previous Monday for what you want your team to accomplish by week’s end. Think of your week as being Monday through Thursday, with Friday a bumper zone to finish up any lingering to-dos.

Envision what a successful week will look like, to give you a goal for Friday.

Of course, challenges may arise through the week, so it’s important to make a realistic list and set clear goals for the week, allowing for flexibility in the event that things don’t go as planned.

2. Stick to the plan.

Now that you have a plan, stick with it. Start each morning with a team huddle. Discuss your goals for the day and what each individual will be focusing on, in a quick 10-minute meeting. Toward the end of the day, hold an evening check-in to review the day’s progress. This will give you the insight you need to know if you’re on track, or else need to pivot the plan for tomorrow.

3. Create a productive environment.

Research has shown that music has a great effect on productivity in the workplace. With benefits such as making repetitive tasks more tolerable and helping to create an escape in a busy environment, playing music on Friday is an excellent way to improve the day. One study found that people who listened to music while working were able to complete tasks more quickly and come up with better ideas, because the music improved their overall mood. When you’re in a good mood, you are able to think better than in a negative mindset.

4. Encourage your team to rest.

If you think that taking time for a solid night of sleep is counterproductive to getting things done, think again! Sleep is extremely important for productivity. Even moderate sleep deprivation can have impairment effects similar to alcohol intoxication. Deprivation slows your ability to process information and solve problems creatively, and can lead to elevated stress levels. Many of today’s most successful leaders, like Arianna Huffington and Jeff Bezos, are advocates for getting a full night of sleep.

5. Have an incredible week and a Good Friday.

Simply setting the intention on Monday and honoring that intention by accomplishing your goals by the end of the week will generate a Good Friday. So, stick to your plan, and check in with your team daily to stay on track. If you want the most from your team, create a slick process conducive to productivity, which also means making sure the team stays focused and healthy.

Friday should be a day for polishing and completing everything on your list, closing up the week instead of starting conversations. Consider declaring Friday a “no meetings” day. Several companies have put similar policies in place to boost workplace productivity, such as Asana, which has a strict “No Meeting Wednesday” policy.

The high level goal of a “No Meeting” day is to ensure that everyone gets a large block of time each week to do focused, heads-down work. Delegate your own Fridays to tying up loose ends and cleaning your plate in preparation for Monday. And, if you’ve accomplished everything on your list, take a little time to celebrate with your team! A good week deserves some recognition.

Bad Fridays happen.

Alas, not all Fridays are within our complete control. There will be some weeks where things go wrong, stakeholders get upset, team members get sick……… Enter Good Weekends! When your Good Fridays aren’t so good, surround yourself with friends, family, beautiful scenery and libations. Relax and let the week roll off your back so you can prep for Monday and make it a better week than the last.

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